Лучше один раз увидеть некоторые примеры наших работ, чем сто раз о них услышать!

International Fisheries Consultant


Website and blog of the leading European independent expert in the field of fisheries and aquaculture from the Netherlands, with projects around the world.

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Restaurant in New York City


Cafe Gallery is a good place in Brooklyn for lunch or dinner. Spend time with your family or throw a noisy party for any occasion. You can also order delicious food to your home or office. We have great recommendations from our clients! Because having tasted our cuisine once, you want to enjoy its taste again and again!

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Turbine repair and sale


Website and blog of a service for the repair and sale of turbines for trucks and traction vehicles, special equipment, dump trucks, GPU turbines, agricultural machinery, and buses.

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Spraying and restoring parts


Dusting and restoration of the crankshaft, repair of the camshaft, semi-axles, splines and other parts in Minsk. Application of coatings with any properties.

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Camshaft restoration and repair


Restoration and repair of the camshaft of trucks, we know all the ways to repair camshafts. Save up to 90%! Guarantee!

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Natural Hair Store


Shop for natural hair extensions. Cutting your hair.

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Private kindergarten


Experienced teachers and caring caregivers, individual and group classes, professional care, for children from 2 to 6 years. Your harmoniously developed, healthy, happy child is our concern!

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Премиум кухни на заказ


Дорогие кухни на заказ: ⭐ премиальное качество, ⭐ европейские материалы, ⭐ 12 лет опыта, ⭐ 3D моделирование, ⭐ проф. монтаж.

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Installations and equipment for gas-flame spraying


Manufacturer of equipment for gas-flame spraying and gas-flame installations. Own production facilities. Quality assurance.

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Minsk International Airport Transfer


GoTranfer.by - will help you get to the border of Belarus quickly. An international transfer will quickly bring you home. Fleet - 30 + premium class cars.

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Designer bathroom renovation


More than 100 ready-made bathroom design projects.

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Заказать сайт

Mielofon creative web studio

веб студия Миелофон - о нас

Креативная веб студия Миелофон - профессиональная команда по разработке и созданию веб-сайтов любой сложности под ключ, используем современные решения и собственные разработки, следуем нашей философии NetS.

Это и создание интернет-магазина, лендинга, корпоративного сайта, сайта визитки или сайта каталога, и услуги веб дизайна (включая POS, разработку логотипа и создание баннеров), и контекстную рекламу и таргетинг.

Закажите сайт прямо сейчас в нашей веб студии.

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