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креативная веб студия Миелофон креативная веб студия Миелофон креативная веб студия Миелофон креативная веб студия Миелофон

Full-stack website development.
Creation. Design. Modification. Promotion.
Modern design, fast loading, search optimization, lifetime consultations.

About us

Creative web studio Myelophone is a professional team for full-stack website development.

We create beautiful, effective and fast loading web sites, which will delight You and Your visitors.

We use our own developments and modern solutions - so, You get what You want.

We are ready to take care about Your website development and its technical support and maintenance.

Website development, speed ud and optimization, seo-optimization and promotion, web design - we will solve Your any task.

Our Services

We work for You, speak a language You understand, we take into consideration all Your needs and desires.

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Our portfolio

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Our Principles

"Necessary and Sufficient" - or in latin "Necessariam et Sufficientem" (abbr. NetS) is the fundamental principle of our Studio.

Cool is when there's nothing to take away. Perfection is in simplicity, we believe.

Web site should load as quickly as possible - we optimize all the resources used together.

Web site should look modern, but technologies should be applied when it is necessary - not just because of being fashionable.

Web site should be formed as quickly as possible, without using technologies that slow down the user's device.

Our web site is on our own CMS in accordance with these principles - rate the result!

Our contacts

Send us the message using the contact button at the bottom right! We will answer You as soon as we can.

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