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Turnkey website creation from 375 USD

Creative web studio "Myelophone" is not only a turnkey web development studio of any complexity, but also a web design studio, as well as a digital agency. We offer a full-stack package of services for the development and promotion of websites and mobile applications. Our team does not just create web resources, but first of all helps you to overtake competitors and promote your business to the TOP.

Each web resource we create will look great on most devices and browsers and will meet modern search engine requirements, as well as appeal to you and your visitors. The result will not be long in coming! Most of our clients come to us based on recommendations.

The price and cost of website development may vary depending on the complexity of the project and the workload of our specialists. Here you can order: vcard site from 625 USD, landing page from 375 USD, corporate website from 1875 USD, website catalog from 1875 USD, online store from 3125 USD, portal from 12500 USD, promotion from 125 USD, simple website from 125 USD, website on Wordpress from 375 USD, with all prices can be found on our services on the services page.

How to order a turnkey website development from professionals or where to start if you want to redo your page on the Internet or are looking for a web designer? Write us your questions or send us a request, and we will get back to you with answers. Our portfolio will tell you more about us than any description.

Creative web studio "Myelophone"

Creative web studio "Myelophone" is a professional team that develops and creates turnkey websites of any complexity. We create beautiful, efficient and fast loading websites that will delight you and your visitors, please search engines, and bring you results.

We are not just a team of specialists, we are fans of our business. If our team takes on the job, then we approach each project individually. Choosing our web studio, you get a fusion of our time, knowledge, experience and skills, honed over the years on a variety of different cases.

We use state-of-the-art solutions and our own developments to ensure that you get the right digital solutions for your business. We are ready to take all the care of creating your web resource and its technical support and maintenance upon your request. You will be noticed!

Web development, website acceleration and optimization, seo-optimization and website promotion - we will solve any of your tasks. The team of professionals of the Myelophone creative web studio is ready to take up your project, write to us!

Your beacon in the world of Internet, Myelophone creative web studio

Our services

We work for you, communicate in a language you understand, and take into account all your needs and desires. Working with us is as simple and convenient as possible!

Our team creates projects of any complexity, we provide services for development, refinement, seo promotion and optimization of websites, web design services, website redesign, technical support, and solve all business tasks related to Internet marketing.

Fill out a short brief and we will make you an individual commercial offer. If you can't find the right service for you, write to us and we will make an offer specifically for you. We love challenging tasks! We will be happy to answer any of your questions!

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Our works

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Our Principles

"Necessary and Sufficient" - in Latin, " Necessariam et Sufficientem "(abbreviated NetS) is the fundamental principle of our studio.
Cool is when there's nothing to take away. Perfection is in simplicity, we say.

The site must:

- load as quickly as possible - we optimize all the resources used together.

- to look modern, but technologies should be applied when necessary, and not just because of their fashion.

- be formed as quickly as possible, without using technologies that slow down the user's device.

Our website is built on our own CMS in accordance with these principles-rate them! Order a free consultation.

Why Us

Creating web projects and mobile apps is not as easy as it may seem to an untrained eye. Even using standard development tools, you can create a Frankenstein when it takes a long time to load, displays crookedly, doesn't work as expected, and creates a rather negative impression of you. Currently, it is almost impossible to bring a site to the TOP of search engines, which is not created and promoted by professionals. Also, a high-quality web resource is much easier and cheaper to promote using SEO.

That is why you need to order website development and seo promotion from professionals who know and love their business-Myelophone creative web studio is at your service. We are a full-service digital agency that provides a full range of web development services: website development (business card, landing page, catalog, online store, corporate, blog, promo, etc.); graphic and web design (logo development and corporate identity, website design and redesign, printing and advertising); seo site promotion (setting up and maintaining contextual advertising, targeting, copywriting, content management, information and technical support); improvements (improvements from editing text or entering information to writing additional functionality and transferring it to another hosting).

We work under a contract, accept any form of payment, and provide services all over the world. Plus, we always follow the agreed budgets.

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Our contacts

Write to us using the contact button at the bottom right! We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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