Full-stack web and mobile app development and web design.

Full-stack web and mobile app development and web design.

We do our best for You, communicate in a language You understand, take into consideration all Your needs and desires. We are trusted, we are recommended!

creative web studio Myelophone
creative web studio Myelophone
creative web studio Myelophone
and all the world

We speak Russian and English, optimize for Your market, accept payments in any way convenient to You.

Choose the type of website that suits Your needs best:

Business card website
1 250 USD

A business card website is a virtual business card of a company, product or you on the Internet, which serves as an image advertisement. It is convenient to promote a business card website both with the help of contextual advertising and through SEO.

500 USD

Landing is a landing page where the user gets when clicking on the link. This is a great way to quickly convey your key message or the key value of your product to a potential buyer. And there is a key rule of landing: one page (one landing page) - one idea (one product).

Site catalog
3 750 USD

The catalog website is a great way to inform customers about what goods, works and services you offer, that is, in fact, the entire range of the company with a detailed description is presented on the catalog website.

Online store
6 250 USD

An online store is a website that contains information about the goods, the seller, and allows you to make a choice, order and / or purchase goods, as well as providing an opportunity to make online payment for the product

If you did not find a service You need, chat with us and we will make an offer especially for You.

Working with us is as simple and convenient as possible!

We will be happy to answer any of Your questions, chat with us right now!

Fill in our brief with your own words

We clarify with You the main details

We sign the terms of reference

Our Work
We are making all our talents and efforts

Your Result
Minor improvements and signing of the acceptance certificate

Why us?

We strive to create and create what we like.
We will understand any of your wishes and take them into account in our work.
We will take upon ourselves the solution of any of your tasks, we work - you get the result.

How much does it cost to make a website?

The cost depends on many factors. Approximate prices are given on the page services. Fill in with your own words our brief to get the exact cost of solving your problem.

Why there are 3 tariffs for each of the services?

We offer turnkey website development, and you can choose the most suitable set of services for You.

How can I pay for the order?

You can pay in any way convenient to you way! We accept direct bank payments, payment by bank cards.

Why you need website promotion?

The task of SEO promotion is to ensure that the promoted site is as high as possible in the search results for the necessary search queries. Without promotion, the site will get lost behind the promoted sites.

What kind of website do I need?

Do you just need to post general and contact information on the Internet? So, you need a business card website.
Do you just need to post brief information about your company on the Internet, give contacts and details? So, you need a business card website.
Are you planning to post catalogs, lists of your products and services? Select the site directory.
Finally, do you want a website that meets all the requirements for online trading resources? Your choice is an online store.

How can I control the process?

We are in constant contact with you, all work is carried out in stages. If we register a domain or hosting for you, then you are the owner of them. We take into account all your wishes and requirements.

creative web studio Myelophone

Website promotion and optimization. Web design

Myelophone is your beacon in the Internet world.
Write to us what task you need to solve. We will be happy to advise You.

view the cost of services

from 250 USD

SEO promotion

We promote your business with SEO, web design, contextual advertising, SMM.

Order promotion

from 50 USD

Web design

Creative design of any graphic components for your website and business.

Order web design

from 130 USD


Logo development in accordance with the specifics of your business.

Order logo design

from 130 USD

POS materials

Development of POS materials aimed at sales, fresh and creative.

Order development

from 250 USD

Site optimization

Optimization and refinement of the site in accordance with the TOR for any of your tasks.

Order optimization

from 250 USD

Selection of semantics

Let's assemble and form a semantic core with detailed analytics.

Order semantics

from 250 USD

Targeted Ads

Targeted advertising, setup and launch campaign from professionals.

Order targeting

from 250 USD


Context advertising, setup and launch campaign from professionals.

Order context

from 30 USD


Writing texts, delicious and selling, any subject, uniqueness.

Order copywriting

from 3 750 USD

Corporative site

Information site with detailed information about your company.

Order site

from 750 USD

WordPress site

Let's create a turnkey website on one of the most popular CMS.

Order site

from 1 250 USD

OpenCart site

We will create a turnkey online store on the OpenCart.

Order site

from 25 000 USD


Creating a portal with complex functionality.

Order site

from 250 USD

Static site

Creating the simplest html website for your needs.

Order site

from 250 USD


Company card in Yandex.Business + Maps.

Order a service

from 250 USD

Google My Business

Company card in Google My Business + Maps.

Order a service

We also work with WordPress, OpenCart, ModX, Drupal, Joomla, 1C-Bitrix

If you haven't found the answer to your question,
write to us what exactly you need, and we will solve your problems.

The prices are just for reference and can be changed. The final cost of the development may vary depending on the complexity of the project and workload.

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