Web development and creation of a business card website. Qualitatively. Creative.

Web development and creation of a business card website.
Qualitatively. Creative.

We do our best for You, communicate in a language You understand, take into consideration all Your needs and desires. We are trusted, we are recommended!

business card website - Your effective promotion tool

creative web studio Myelophone

from 1 250 USD


  • website optimizationserver setup and technical optimization of the site.
  • https certificatecreative web studio Myelophonethe basic necessity of any website.
  • Yandex Metric and Google Analyticscreative web studio Myelophoneconnect and configure analytics.
  • domain and hosting registrationcreative web studio Myelophoneif necessary, we will prompt you and do the registration for your domain and hosting for you.
  • free online chat on the websitecreative web studio Myelophoneeffective tool for converting visitors into buyers.
  • protecting the site from most attackscreative web studio Myelophonecommon and copyrighted mechanisms to protect the site from attacks.
  • 21 dayscreative web studio Myelophoneit may take less time

from 3 750 USD


  • unique designdetailed remake of the style by a professional designer.
  • + basic + standardalready included in the tariff.
  • semantic core collectingwe will collect and structure all requests on Your subject for Your market.
  • selling copywriting (20 pages)based on the collected semantic core.
  • seo optimizationbased on the collected semantic core.
  • Yandex.Business and Google My Businesslet"s add your company to the key directories.
  • 7 dayscreative web studio Myelophoneit may take less time

from 2 500 USD


  • individual design remakeby our professional designer according to your wishes.
  • + basiccreative web studio Myelophonealready included in the tariff.
  • analysis search requestscreative web studio Myelophonewe will analyze and highlight the requests for quick promotion of the site to the TOP.
  • basic seo optimizationcreative web studio Myelophoneconfigure all the necessary attributes and tags.
  • free corporate mailcreative web studio Myelophoneon your domain (like contact@vashdomen.com).
  • selling copywriting (5 pages)creative web studio Myelophoneto display pages in the TOP search engines.
  • 14 dayscreative web studio Myelophoneit may take less time

* prices are valid for US residents

What is a one-page business card website and is it worth investing in the creation of a turnkey business card website

Adaptability Your Website will look good on most devices and browsers
Seo optimization Your site will meet the modern requirements of search engines
Reliability We will install a unique protection against most types of attacks on the site
Creativity The individuality of the site will appeal to You and Your visitors
Consultations We guarantee free lifetime consultations to each of our clients
creative web studio Myelophone

Do you want to get a website on the Internet, but You don't know where to start?

Or while the budget does not allow you to make a full-fledged website, and you do not want to wait?

And, perhaps, the Internet is not close to you and is not completely clear, but you want to post information about your company in it so that you don't remember it for a long time?

There is a solution for You - to order the creation of a business card website.

A business card website is a business card of your company in the Internet space. It usually contains the most basic information: for example, who you are, what you do, what services you provide, what are their advantages, contact details. That is, by scrolling through it, the user will already have a fairly complete idea about you.

Business card websites are concise, simple, load quickly and consist of a small number of pages (from 1 to 3). Their difference from landing page (single-page site) is that here you do not specifically sell any services and do not call for action, but only tell about yourself. They are easy to update, they do not require much attention from the owner, but at the same time they give the status of the company unlike those who do not have a website. The presence of an online business card inspires confidence, speaks about the seriousness of the entrepreneur, about the willingness to keep up with the times, so his services are very popular.

In addition, nowadays people are finding services more and more in the online space, so the creation of a business card website expands the circle of potential customers. The site is much easier to share with friends than to tell where to find you in the vastness of the city. People will not have to wait until the morning to get information about your services - just go to the website. Such a business card is convenient for customers and Internet users, which means it will be used more often.

You can try to create a business card website yourself, there are many opportunities for this now. But it is important to understand that despite the simplicity of the pages, your Internet space should be catchy and memorable. Therefore, the best solution would be to order the development of a turnkey business card site from specialists who can simultaneously cover several needs.

Creative web studio Myelophone fully fits this characteristic, so we are happy to offer you our services.

Our motto is necessary and sufficient, which means that nothing important will be left without attention, nor will it get superfluous. We pay a lot of attention to every detail, because our goal is not just to make money by selling services, but to bring values to the world and show them through our products. And we want you to see that business is not only marketing, but also people with a soul and their own personality.

Choose the best for Yourself with the creative web studio Myelophone!


The prices are just for reference and can be changed. The final cost of the development may vary depending on the complexity of the project and workload.

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